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The Shouting Matches - I Had A Real Good Lover

The Shouting Matches is Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Phil Cook (Megafaun) and Brian Moen (Peter Wolf Crier). The band just made a blues rock album and it’s the real deal. Stream it now on NPR’s First Listen.

Thanks Flamgirlant for the heads up.

It’s frightening how events like the bombing in Boston affect one’s mindset and thinking process during otherwise routine activities. Just today, I was walking to class and a cop was writing a ticket for a car that had been left in the fire lane at the entrance of the campus. I thought nothing of it and figured someone had probably just ran inside to pick up a paper, so I made my way to class. 2 hours later, I made my way back through campus to find the same car parked in the highly-visible fire lane, this time getting loaded onto a tow truck. I don’t know why, but I unconsciously started walking faster and faster in an attempt to get to my car. I guess it was thought that something terrible could happen at any moment like it did yesterday at the marathon, and I could visualize an explosive or something in that probably harmless car. These tragedies just screw with your mind and well-being. I’ll never be able to sit through a movie in theaters the same way after Aurora, and every time I run an organized race I’ll inevitably think about Boston. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but it’s a frightening, nonetheless.

I will be seeing The Gaslight Anthem twice over the span of 7 days in April.



This is my favorite scene in Dead Poets Society.

  "Mr. Anderson thinks that everything 
inside of him is worthless and 
embarrassing. Isn't that right, Todd? 
Isn't that your worst fear? Well, I 
think you're wrong. I think you have 
something inside of you that is worth a 
great deal." -Oh Captain, My Captain

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California Love - Montana De Oro State Park, Los Osos CA


California Love - Montana De Oro State Park, Los Osos CA

I land on an island coast
where the only souls I see are ghosts
I run through a wooded isle
And I chase the sunlight mile after mile
And I feel like I know this place
As the tree line breaks into wide-open space

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